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2017 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution near Shorewood WI

2017 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution near Shorewood

The 2017 Lancer Evolution for sale near Shorewood is one vehicle that is high on style, panache, performance and agility and is grabbing the attention of vehicle enthusiasts for all the right reasons. Russ Darrow Mitsubishi is the dealership that will offer you an insight on the various features in the Lancer Evolution so that you can understand them and make a wise purchase decision.

Performance of the 2017 Lancer Evolution

The 2017 Lancer Evolution for sale near Shorewood comes with a high-performing all-wheel control that gives the vehicle levels of handling and traction that are unsurpassed. The vehicle delivers 291-horsepower, offering superlative performance that is smooth and hassle-free. You are also able to adjust to different kinds of driving surfaces as the active center differential has three modes - gravel, tarmac, and snow - which you can select depending on where you are driving and your preference.

When you need to judge a vehicle’s performance, you need to check how well it performs when rounding corners. The 2017 Lancer Evolution comes with a stock performance that is impressive while it offers responsive sport-tuned handling owing to the track-inspired rack, pinion steering, and multi-link rear suspension.

Comfort and the 2017 Lancer Evolution near Shorewood

The 2017 Lancer Evolution for sale near Shorewood is built keeping comfort and functionality in mind. With a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, you can enjoy a comfortable and ergonomic ride. The automatic climate control system in the vehicle adjusts air source, temperature, and fan speed so that passengers inside the cabin are comfortable regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Heated front seats make certain that you are always comfortable, especially when temperatures dip while the fast key entry system lets you unlock your vehicle, start and drive away without actually taking your keys out of your purse or pocket. You can also seamlessly connect your Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices to FUSE that recognizes your speech and allows you to play your favorite music on the audio system or even make a call from your address book.

Russ Darrow Mitsubishi can help you if you have more questions about the 2017 Lancer Evolution or want to take a closer look at this powerful and track-worthy vehicle. Just call and speak to our professional and friendly sales team at 888-310-8856. We have helped several satisfied customers from Brookfield, New Berlin, Brown Deer, Sussex, and Kenosha and would like to offer the same level of customer service to you as well.

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